There's a Message in the Conflict You 're Feeling...

 - Your relationships feel disconnected.

- You wish you were better at communication. 


- You hate that you've had the same insecurities for years.


- You don't want to be viewed as weak

- You know you need to have that hard conversation but it scares you. 


I'm Meredith Gardner

Connection and Conflict Coach

Certified Life Coach at The Life Coach School.

Stop Avoiding and Start Connecting.


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Sometimes things are given to us that feel beyond our capacity and leave us disconnected from those we love most, including ourselves.

Do you struggle with feeling like it's your job to make people happy?


Do you believe nobody listens to your ideas?


Do you feel anger, frustration, and resentment on a regular basis?


Do you feel chronic discontentment with a life that looks good from the outside?


Do you even know what you truly desire ?

these, and more, contribute to disconnect. As a Life Coach I have the tools to help you feel better.

What Hard Conversation Do You Need to Have?

Let's Chat About It....


My parents both passed away in 2020. For 2.5 years I was part of “The Sandwich Generation”; I balanced parenting my own children in one state, and caring for my aging parents in another state.

I have and will continue to coach Caregivers, but what I gained from my experience was deeper connection to my parents, siblings and children.

Deeper connection to my spouse came after I sought a better relationship with myself.

I am a Certified Life Coach for those willing to have hard conversations and who believe that conflict can produce connection.