I Believe - 

- You have the power to be the Caregiver you want to be, but certain beliefs are getting in your way.

- Good relationships aren't determined by your Loved Ones' behavior; They are determined by what you think about your Loved One.

- Lack of free-time does not mean lack of freedom, it means a lack of systems set in place.

- You can do more than just bear this role, you can accept it whole-heartedly, the good and the bad.


I'm Meredith Gardner

Certified Life Coach Serving Caregivers in The Sandwich Generation; Those squeezed in the middle of caring for multiple generations



I have the tools that will reduce the guilt, resentment and frustration you feel in this role, and increase your capacity to cope.

FREE Download: The Stress-Less Guidebook

Use this Guidebook to identify hidden causes of stress and strategies that help overcome it.

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FREE Series: 8 Helpful Ways to Cope with Complaints

Gain freedom from and reduce complaints with these 8 responses and why they work. 

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Sometimes things are given to us that feel beyond our abilities. But I believe you have the power to be the Caregiver you want to be.

I help you find the strength for the required lifting in your Caregiving journey.

Know the Differences between People Pleasing and Kindness.

My quick guide can help you understand if your feelings and actions resemble people pleasing. This tendency is well meaning, but leaves you feeling powerless and causes emotional strain in relationships.

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Do you struggle with feeling obligated to take on the role of caregiver?


Do you have siblings who won’t help?


Do you feel anger, frustration, and resentment on a daily basis?


Do you often find yourself locked in a power struggle with your Loved One?


Are you experiencing loss or sadness?


Is caring for multiple generations leaving you strapped for time ?

All these and more contribute to high levels of unhealthy stress.

As a Life Coach I have the tools to help you increase

Your Capacity to Cope. 

Not a Sandwicher?

That’s OK, I can coach you on any topic.


My parents both passed away in 2020. But until then, I was part of “The Sandwich Generation”.  I balanced parenting my own children in one state, and caring for my aging parents in another state.


I am a Certified Life Coach serving my fellow “Sandwichers”. 


I have dealt with tough conversations, bathroom messes, shouting matches, the unrelenting to-do list, and end-of-life care.


I’m here to tell you it’s not only doable, it can even be enjoyable.

What others say...

I've had a lot of breakthroughs from working with Meredith. She has a way of helping reveal old thoughts I'm believing that are preventing me from moving forward in life. What I like best about her style is that I never feel like she is judging me or making assumptions. I really trust her, and feel comfortable sharing any situation that comes up, knowing that she will meet me right where I am and offer a lot of insight.

~Molly Zemek 

Life coaching with Meredith has changed me immensely! She has a great balance of listening and asking me questions to help me work through many "thought errors" that don't serve me well. I look forward to our sessions and love the insights I've gained from my sessions with her. I truly cannot say enough about what I have gained by investing in myself and my mental health. Everyone should have Meredith as a life coach, you will not regret it!!

~Darcy Case

Too many of my goals were the same ones I had 15 years ago. I thought I needed heftier prayers and greater will power.  Meredith was brilliant at helping me identify how I was sabotaging my own progress through thought-walls I didn’t know I had.  So keep the prayers and drop the will power for understanding. Meredith is caring, concerned, a great listener, and skilled at making the connections between stalemates and progress.

~Patsy Lyman

Meredith has a way of exposing my thoughts about myself that leads to aha moments.
Her ability to ask thought provoking questions leads you down a path of self discovery and you know you are not alone. Meredith is beside you all the way. Non judgmental and loving she has a beautiful way to guide you to self acceptance no matter what your age.

-Tracy Emerson

I had the privilege of working with Meredith, and am grateful for the precious gems of knowledge she shared with me.   Meredith’s caring, insightful, and nonjudgmental attitude made  it easy to share experiences with her!  I learned so many things about myself, and how powerful our thoughts are. Thank you for listening, coaching, and guiding me to see my feelings through a new lens.  Every session was so empowering!  Thank you!!

 ~Heather Ligon