Stop Avoiding and Start Connecting.

Learn How to Speak From Your Heart

Instead of Your Mind....


There's a Message in the Conflict You 're Feeling...

 It  says you desire connection.

Not tension, misunderstanding and frustration. 

Conflict happens when there is incongruence with who

you really are.

Hard conversations scare you but appearing vulnerable or wrong scares you even more.

I'm Meredith Gardner


Because conflict provides an opportunity for connection.

Certified Life Coach at The Life Coach School.


Do you believe it's your job to make people happy?


Are your ideas ignored or passed over?


Is anger, frustration, and resentment "the norm" for you?


Do you feel chronic discontentment with your life?


How do you talk to yourself about yourself ?

these are signs of disconnect. As a Life Coach I have the tools to help you reverse that.

What Hard Conversation Do You Need to Have?

Let's Chat About It....


My parents both passed away in 2020. For 2.5 years I was part of “The Sandwich Generation”; I balanced parenting my own children in one state, and caring for my aging parents in another state.

What I gained most from my experience as a Caregiver was deeper connection to my parents, siblings and children.

Deeper connection to my spouse came after I sought a better relationship with myself.

It requires a willingness to have hard conversations.

I am a Certified Life Coach for those who avoid confrontation or who don't really knowing how to approach hard conversations.