I Help The Sandwich Generation Come Back From the Edge of Burnout

I Believe in Your Capability

 - To care for multiple generations.

- To have compassion for your cantankerous Loved One. 


- To accept the future unknown.


- To make hard decisions

- To do more than just bear this role, but to accept it whole-heartedly, the good and the hard.


I'm Meredith Gardner

Certified Life Coach Serving Caregivers in The Sandwich Generation; Those "squeezed" by caring for multiple generations.

I know why you're living with guilt, resentment and frustration in this role, and it's not what you think.

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Sometimes things are given to us that feel beyond our capacity. But I believe you have the ability to be the Capable Caregiver you want to be.

Do you struggle with feeling obligated to take on the role of caregiver?


Do you have siblings who won’t help?


Do you feel anger, frustration, and resentment on a regular basis?


Do you often find yourself locked in a power struggle with your Loved One?


Are you experiencing loss or sadness?


Is caring for multiple generations leaving you strapped for time ?

these, and more, contribute to high levels of unhealthy stress. As a Life Coach I have the tools to help you increase Your Capacity to Cope. 

Not Sure if You're a Sandwicher?

Let's Chat About It....


My parents both passed away in 2020. For 2.5 years I was part of “The Sandwich Generation”; I balanced parenting my own children in one state, and caring for my aging parents in another state.


Now my In-Laws are needing more support and I'm a grandmother. My part in The Sandwich Generation continues...


I am a Certified Life Coach serving my fellow “Sandwichers”. 


I have dealt with tough conversations, bathroom messes, shouting matches, the unrelenting to-do list, and end-of-life care.


My experience inspired me to help other Caregivers cope with, and even enjoy, their caregiving journey so that they can prevent risk of burnout.