Sep 2, 2020

There are a lot of things I’ve never done, never even dreamt of doing, until a year ago.

Never dreamt of being an entrepreneur , in fact I knew that’s what I didn’t want to be. I never dreamt of becoming a Life Coach. I’d never even heard of life coaching until a good friend of mine hired one for her son a few years ago. I’ve never desired to learn tech skills. I’ve long believed I have a force field around me that repels and confuses computer code.

That means I went 47 years without thinking I wanted to do the things that I’m now attempting to do.

47 years of beliefs about myself. 47 years of “this is just the way I am”. 47 years of “What do I have to offer?”

During those years, I experienced success and happiness. Love and growth. I have had purpose as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a volunteer, a Christian, a friend. I have loved and been loved in all of those roles.

But I did a lot of those things SEEKING to never look stupid in order to feel better about myself. I didn’t realize that when I didn’t like myself because I felt like a failure or a sinner or fell short in any way, that it didn’t change my WORTH.

I didn’t realize I already had inside of me what I was searching for. VALUE

Have you ever held a new born baby? They are absolutely perfect. They came that way. I came that way. YOU came that way.

What do babies do to earn our complete devotion and adoration?

The just exist.

You are still as precious and valuable as you were that day you were born. No matter what circumstance you were born in to. No matter what you were told by others. No matter the mistakes you’ve made since then.

I’m now a Life Coach working with The Sandwich Generation; those wonderful souls who are caregivers both to aging parents and growing children or grandchildren. I read their stories and I am amazed. I cry at their struggles. Again I wonder, “What do I have to offer?”

My heart and soul. My ears and a safe place. I feel good about that offer.



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