May 23, 2021

I have a confession to make; I’m overwhelmed.

I’m a Life Coach for Overwhelmed Caregivers. And I’m overwhelmed.

I KNOW it’s not the things I’ve committed to that create overwhelm…

Painting the kitchen cabinets

Building a garden area and planting that garden

Replacing old carpet and tile with new flooring

Removing part of a wall and installing new railing

Coaching clients

Group coaching class

Marketing on social media

Email existing clients and Networking locally

Getting coached

Taking a new coaching course

New Grandbaby (!!)

End of school year stuff

Opening up our family cabin next weekend

Daughter getting married June 4th

Camp cook for  girls camp June 9th

Church responsibilities

Dr and dentist appointments

Weekly tennis league

But as this list runs through my head all day, I want to blame it for making me feel overwhelmed. And I want to add other things that need top priority too: What to get my husband for Father’s Day? What to do about those sick looking trees in my yard? How to help those friends and family members who are experiencing hard things right now?

And, I’ve been forgetting things. Emails I should have sent. Newsletters that are my responsibility to write. Items on my calendar. Things my kids told me.

Today it occurred to me the most crucial thing I’ve been forgetting:

Believing that I CAN do all of these things. Believing that I am capable of managing my mind, and therefore managing all the things I’ve taken on.

Believing I can quit anything that I want at any moment…. which I wrote about just last week!

I have forgotten how helpful it is to allow uncomfortable emotions and process painful ones.

I have forgotten how thought errors make things feel and turn out so much worse

Telling myself I’ve taken on too much and that I can’t handle it is going to create that exact outcome as I feel crushed under the weight of my to-do list and give in to pity parties and taking naps instead of figuring out how to handle it.

This week I forgot that I can CREATE anything that I want to! I get to choose how I move forward on my projects. I’ve just been choosing to create dread instead of fun. Overwhelm instead of resilience or fortitude.

This week, I even forgot that most of the things on my list aren’t even negative!

Dread and overwhelm felt necessary to my brain. I forgot, that they’re NOT.

This week when Overwhelm kept making an appearance, I invited it into the driver’s seat of my life. That’s why I crashed.

Because I was no longer driving, Overwhelm was.

This is the power of managing our minds. What we believe truly does become what we live.

So what have you forgotten that needs to be remembered again?

Choose it and it will happen.



P.S. It may take your brain time to let go of the safety of the negative thoughts that keep you where you are. Be patient and kind to yourself through the process. This is the work I am certified to do, and as you can see, do for myself. Schedule a 45 min Complimentary Session to learn how I can help you back into the drivers’ seat of your life.