Jul 5, 2021

I had a simply powerful experience recently when I went to Walmart at 10:30pm.

Due to my busy day, I had nearly forgotten to go to the store. I was tired. I only had about 8 things on my list. I had to get them that night though because I was hosting a Coaching retreat the next morning, and these items were for the lunch I had committed to serve those coming to the retreat.

As I drove to the store, I mentally imagined where I would find each of the items I needed. I pictured the avocados, spring mix, and red onion. I knew right where the milk and bread were. I saw myself in the freezer section getting exactly what I needed. There was just one item I wasn’t sure of because I usually got it at a different store: Honey-Smoked Salmon. It was the key ingredient to the salad I planned on serving.

I envisioned where I thought it MIGHT be.

As I walked into Walmart, the greeter said to me,”We close in 5 minutes.”

I was shocked, but not deterred.

I got to work collecting the items I needed on my list. After all, I had pictured where they were and so I found them easily.

As I went to the section where I thought the salmon might be, I found it immediately. And it was the last package!

I gathered the last of my needed items just as the announcement came, “Walmart shoppers, we are now closed. Please head to the front of the store to check-out.”

I felt so good. I had everything I needed for the next day, and I had created a simple, yet powerful experience.

It’s just a grocery trip, you might be thinking. But the principles I used can be implemented for whatever dream you want to work toward.

First, something that was non-existent forms into an idea; Serve Salmon Salad for the retreat luncheon.

Next I began developing the spiritual version of that luncheon by checking to see what ingredients I had and which ones I needed to purchase. Picturing those items at the store created a stronger likelihood that I would find them if they were there. I envisioned the finished version of that beautiful salad in order to make sure I had everything I needed (I don’t have a written recipe for the salad, I made up it up).

The physical form of the salad quickly became a reality because of the mental work I had done ahead of time.

Due to laws of nature that cannot be altered, the energy I spent to prepare for that coaching retreat – including the salad – increased the probability of it successfully becoming a reality.

The law I used here is called Perpetual Transmutation. Which basically means that everything is either coming into physical form or going out of it.

My salad plans could have fizzled at any time if I had decided I was too tired at 10:30pm, or if I had given up when the Greeter told me the store closed in 5 minutes.

But I had done the work ahead of time, so when I faced the uncomfortable hurdles, I was prepared to jump over them.  If I can do that with salad, imagine all the other possibilities out there.

Can you envision yourself leaving more food on your plate or kindly declining the offer of a second piece of dessert in order to lose the weight you’ve been wanting to?

Are you willing to imagine in your mind showing up on time for work consistently, engaging with focus on your current project, and having that important conversation with your boss?

When you want to create a routine with your aging parent after they’ve moved in with you, try picturing all the details that will help set the stage for a successful transition. You aren’t picturing what they will do, you don’t have control over that. But you can imagine the environment you will provide and how you will respond with compassion and patience. You can envision, and therefore prepare for, mealtime, bedtime, bathroom visits, shopping trips, and so on.

Just as a cloud gathers from vapor in the sky; Just as that cloud may become rain in the right environment, our ideas become reality when we nurture them in the right environment. This is the Law of Transmutation. Every object, circumstance, idea, etc. is constantly coming into or going out of physical form. Ideas will stay ideas if we don’t begin transforming them into physical form.

That is the simple yet powerful way we create the life we want.

Let’s get creating!


P.S. I’m continually seeking to understand how our beliefs help us create the life we want . There are other Laws of Nature that work in our favor if we connect with them. Can you see it in what you’re creating? Schedule a 45 min Complimentary Call to learn more about why you have your current results, and what you can do to create the results you really want to have as a Caregiver. Click this link to get on my calendar: https://meredithgcoaching.as.me/