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Option 1

The Basics:

6 weeks (6 sessions)  private coaching, $695


If you are new to coaching, start here. This is where I introduce you to the life-changing tools I use as a Life Coach. This is where you begin to see the possibilities that you've been missing.


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6 week The Basics

Option 2

Adding On:

3 months (12 sessions)  private coaching, $1350

With a 3 month package you can keep building on the basics, practice, grow and begin to blow your own mind with what you're capable of!


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3 month Package Pay in Full

3 month Package, 2 monthly payments




Option 3

Big Transformation:

6 months (26 sessions)  private coaching $2700

Can you imagine the results you can create with 6 months of coaching!? You will understands yourself, your Loved Ones, your feelings, your circumstances in a whole new way. We'll be like old friends by then!


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6 month package, 1 payment plan

6 month package, 3 monthly payments

I have a waiting list for those interested in Group Coaching. This is a more affordable option and will provide the community that is so beneficial to Caregivers looking for others who "get" the ins and outs of a Caregiver's lifestyle. 

If you would like to be added to the waitlist, email me at [email protected]