Learn how to say hard things without starting a Fight.

Become a person who knows how to easily have hard conversations by watching these exclusive interviews.

Online Connection Summit

15 interviews with experts who know how to stop avoiding hard conversations about:

Money - With David and Julie Bullitt

Sex - with Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

Young children - With Emily Wardrop

Teenagers - With the Firmly Founded Team

Dementia - with Teepa Snow & Anna Cantor

Cancer - With Marika Humphreys

Healing Trauma - With Robin Marvel

Clutter - with Amelia Pleasant Kennedy

ADHD and more!

Conflict can be intimidating, especially if you feel uncomfortable speaking up or knowing what to say. 

15 interviews with Experts on how to stop avoiding hard conversations.

Using conflict as an opportunity for connection opens you up to finding solutions and improving self-confidence.

The Summit has ended, but you can still purchase Lifetime Access for just $47!